New TV Show Targets Children With “They/Them” Characters

Last week, Libs of TikTok revealed that Cartoon Network was promoting a new episode of its animated series “We Baby Bears” that will include two “nonbinary characters” discussing pronouns. 

In the Pride Month episode, titled “Polly’s New Crew,” one of the characters introduces a new crew member who uses the pronouns “they/them.” Another character, a parrot, then declares that it too uses “they/them” pronouns.

In a statement to USA Today, the producers of “We Baby Bears” defended the move, saying that because some of the crew members working on the animated series are nonbinary and use the pronouns “they/them,” it was important to “reflect that in the show.”

The show explained that everyone on its team “values” and “cares deeply” about “representation” which is why “We Baby Bears” seeks to cast “LGBTQ talent.”

The May episode of “We Baby Bears” featured a trans actor named “Dominique” Jackson.

But Cartoon Network isn’t the only children’s entertainment company looking to force gender confusion on children.

It was reported last week that Disney’s new Pixar movie “Elemental” will also feature a nonbinary character.

The film, which opened to less-than-stellar box office sales over the weekend, features a character called Lake who goes by the pronouns “they/them.”

Voice actor Ava Hauser, a woman who claims to be “nonbinary,” boasted on Twitter that she will be the voice of Pixar’s first nonbinary character.

Disney’s decision to include a nonbinary character in a children’s movie certainly didn’t help turn things around for the embattled company, which has seen some box office duds in recent months, including Pixar’s “Lightyear.”

According to Reuters, “Elemental” had the second-lowest box office debut in history for the Walt Disney Company, bringing in around $30 million in the US and Canada this weekend.