New Gun Control Law Sweep Nation

In the present state, the federal government of the United States has truly become a bloated and corrupt bureaucracy of an enormous size. Over the last several decades and even prior, it appears that the majority of federal representatives continue to act in a manner that is often to the detriment of ordinary American citizens while simultaneously working for the benefit of themselves. In truth, the decline and deterioration of the national culture of America is more evident in the present day than it has ever been, and the sad fact of the matter is that public servants have simply sold out their nation for decades for their own enrichment. The current President of the United States, Joe Biden is living proof of this reality as he faces limited scrutiny as evidence continues to grow suggesting he used his position of the Vice Presidency to enrich himself and family members by selling the office’s influence to foreign powers like China and Ukraine.

Unfortunately, Biden’s likely activities are not an isolated occurrence. Many establishment political families of the modern American elitist class like the Clinton’s and Bush’s governed in a poor manner, not just in terms of potential corruption, but in policy. The reality is that the federal government has long acted in a manner that appears to be working to the detriment of American citizens while benefiting outsiders. Over the last three years, millions of illegal migrants have entered the nation through the porous southern border, and the federal government has been unwilling to do anything to address the problem.

Recently, sweeping new gun control laws were put into effect that seek to further limit the rights of American citizens to own and possess firearms as stated in the second amendment of the federal constitution. The concealed carry rights of Americans have been severely restricted in states like California, Illinois and Colorado. Politicians have cited recent mass shootings at schools.