New Evidence Suggests Bad Times Are Coming For Biden

A popular left-leaning pro-Democrat publication has run a piece asking Joe Biden to step aside. The Atlantic, rated “Left” by Group Editorial Review in 2022, published the article by Eliot Cohen in early August. It is one of a growing list of examples of criticisms and concerns about Biden’s capacity to serve another term in the White House, particularly from Democrats and their supporters.

Cohen’s article attempted to be even-handed and mentioned politicians of advanced age generally, including Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Grassley. Still, neither is in the White House, and neither is seeking another four years there at the age of 80.

Mick Mulvaney, a former congressman from South Carolina, covered the article for the Hill and compared the appearance of a piece questioning Biden’s abilities in the Atlantic to one on Breitbart calling for Trump to agree to a plea deal and stand down. “You would be personally surprised, and you can imagine that the squad at Mar-a-Lago would sit up and take notice as well,” Mulvaney noted.

The opinion piece may surprise some readers, and while they are noticeably increasing, concerns about Biden’s mental acuity are nothing new. In 2022, a New York Times survey of Democrat voters found 64% did not want Biden to be the party’s nominee in 2024, and the primary reason was his advanced years, not necessarily because of the number (Trump is only four years younger) but the signs that he is not in complete control of his faculties.

The President is known for verbal gaffes, for example, he has had several falls, and he occasionally appears to forget or become confused.

The latest Democrat to speak out is Rep. Dean Phillips from Minnesota. Discussing it with Jack Tapper on CNN, Phillips said he admires President Biden greatly, describing him as a man of decency and competency, but he has “grave concerns” and is trying to be the “clarion call.” He is reportedly considering stepping into the Democrat 2024 campaign.