New Bill Would Remove Statue of Liberty

Over the last several decades, the United States has been engulfed in an extreme cultural war between conservatives and progressives. Indeed, activists on both sides of the political spectrum and officials in public office bearing allegiance to the Democratic and Republican parties in mainstream American politics have clashed over numerous cultural and social issues for much of the 21st century. This “cold” conflict has largely been driven by leftist activists and politicians that seek to completely alter the state of American culture. These activists have routinely attacked traditional and historic American and Western values like the role of men and women in terms of gender and social responsibility, the nuclear family unit, and the importance of critical thinking, and personal responsibility pertaining to individuals.

One aspect of this culture war that has been a key focus of activists for many years has been the revision of American history and the demonization and erasure from public culture of many prominent and meaningful figures in National history. Initially, Confederate generals from the American civil war were primary targets for activists, but once many statues of these individuals were removed and the public perception of these men depreciated, figures like Teddy Roosevelt and George Washington have been assaulted and painted as oppressive individuals who do not deserve the respect of a free people.

Indeed, the primary battlefield for this cultural war has long been the educational system and the American classroom in both public and private institutions. For many years, progressive and leftist activists have infiltrated academia, reached positions of high influence, and slowly but surely diminished they culture of learning and critical thinking and education and sought to promote toxic collective ideologies among the youth of the nation. Recently, a freshman Democrat from Florida named Maxwell Frost proposed a law that would “remove the statue of liberty” from New York Harbor. Frost did this in “protest” of an immigration bill deemed bigoted.