New Bill Could Save College Students From Diversity Pledges

The practice of having college students sign diversity, equality, and inclusion declarations is one that Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-Tx) would want to see ended.

A report shows Crenshaw has introduced a bill that would reduce financing for schools that force kids to sign DEI declarations even when they refuse.

The legislation revises the Higher Education Act of 1965 to prohibit such statements as a prerequisite for enrollment or employment, with an order of construction to ensure that this does not violate anti-discrimination laws or classroom instruction.

Among the most stringent DEI regulations in American higher education is being enforced by Crenshaw’s home state. This measure expands current Texas legislation that limits diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs at public colleges and institutions in the Lone Star State.

Crenshaw made a statement saying the proliferation of antisemitism on university campuses illustrates the complete lack of moral fiber in the academic community. A poisonous campus culture that pits everyone against one other as oppressors or the downtrodden has its roots in the DEI bureaucracy. He claimed the bill would safeguard free speech and prohibit the use of government funds to support schools that require their pupils to write affirmative action or diversity, equality, or inclusion statements.

The measure’s purpose is to make it illegal for schools to push Marxist racial and ethnic bias in hiring, curriculum, or other institutional policies. With limited exclusions for demographic information, it also forbids obligatory remarks about color, race, national origin, or ethnicity.

Recently, members of the House of Representatives investigated how antisemitism spread on American college campuses via Diversity and Inclusion (DEI) programs.

Republican Utah Representative Owen Burgess said that DEI programs are antisemitic on an intellectual level because they attribute collective blame to Israel’s existence and encourage prejudice, bigotry, and discrimination against those who are seen as belonging to the incorrect group.