Neighbor Turns MONSTER – Victim BREAKS Silence

59 year-old Saul Muñoz, a heartbroken husband and father, made a nearly six hundred mile drive to Las Vegas on Tuesday the 25th to attend to his daughter, his grandson, his ex-wife, and his granddaughter after a Monday night shooting spree at a residential apartment complex. Of the four, only his thirteen year-old granddaughter survived the attack. She remains in critical condition at a local hospital.

The suspect in the massacre died by his own hand as a police search tightened around him. Police identify him as 47 year-old Eric Adams, the downstairs neighbor of Muñoz’s ex-wife.

Muñoz, who now resides in Albuquerque, called the crime “senseless.” Adams had entered his ex-wife’s home and began executing all there present. In addition to the member of  Muñoz’s family, two other people were killed in the rampage. One was 24 year-old Kayla Harris, who was shot in her neck, chest, and head. The other victim’s name has not yet been released.

The incident is being led by the North Las Vegas Police Department, with assistance from the Force Investigation Team of the Las Vegas Police Department. According to a department spokesperson, officers from the North Las Vegas police force responded to the scene on Monday the 24th shortly after ten o’clock, where they discovered a pair of wounded women—one in her early forties and one in her late fifties—who were later pronounced dead. They also found a wounded thirteen year-old girl in the residence.

According to Muñoz, his ex-wife owned the apartment and sometimes gave Adams a ride to the bus stop so he could get to his job. Muñoz also said that another party—his sixteen year-old son—was in the apartment during the shooting, but managed to stay hidden and was not injured in the attack.

Three residents in a nearby apartment were also shot in the attack—two women and a man, all in their twenties.

Law enforcement declined to comment further on the ongoing investigation.