NATO Chief Warns Of ‘Long War in Ukraine’

In contemporary America, things are chaotic. In both fiscal and social terms, the nation is simply struggling. While many have argued that the United States has been on the decline for decades, since the 46th President Joe Biden entered the oval office in January of 2021, things have dramatically and drastically worsened in nearly every regard for citizens of the union. The cost of living has skyrocketed, and inflation brought about by reckless government spending has resulted in declining wages (which had already largely stagnated for years). Crime levels in urban centers across the nation continue to soar, and criminals, emboldened by progressive Democratic policies that weaken penalties for low level crimes have acted accordingly.

Perhaps what is most seriously worrisome is the international aggression in which foreign adversaries of America and the west have displayed in the midst of Joe Bidens incompetent and feckless global leadership. Russia remains stalemated in a bloody conflict in Ukraine. China most recently flew 103 airplanes over Taiwan in a military maneuver- a record breaking number. Overall, it seems the world is on the brink of travesty.

In Ukraine, the war between Russia and the young nation drags on, and casualties continue to mount. Since the conflict began on February 24th 2022, it is estimated that it has caused over half a million casualties in only a year and a half. Russia made massive gains in territory extremely early in the war and even had forces close enough to the Ukrainian capital of Kiev to begin to assault it. Following this, the Ukrainians mounted a staunch resistance and Russia withdrew troops from the north and western region of the nation. Since the fall of 2022, the front line has been centered in the eastern region of the country. There are no signs of the war ending anytime soon; the chief of NATO Jens Stoltenberg believes the war will be a long, drawn out conflict.