MSNBC Candidate Says She Fears Ron DeSantis The Most

There is one Republican presidential candidate that the far-Left cable news network MSNBC fears, and it isn’t Donald Trump.

Over the last several months, the leftwing outlet has featured several guests and published op-eds warning that the popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is “more dangerous than Donald Trump.”

In May, former “Republican” Congressman David Jolly told MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan that DeSantis is much more dangerous than Trump because he is “a cultural warrior” who would take the country back 100 years. Jolly claimed that unlike Trump who ignores the Constitution, DeSantis would use the Constitution to achieve his goals.

While filling in for MSNBC host Chris Hayes last month, host Katie Phang admitted that she would prefer Donald Trump to win the nomination over DeSantis

Describing DeSantis as “a leaner, meaner Donald Trump,” Phang suggested that she does not want the Florida governor to win the GOP nomination.

Last month, DeSantis War Room tweeted a video montage featuring several far-left cable news pundits and hosts who all described Ron DeSantis as a much bigger threat than Donald Trump.

By and large, the leftists believe that Ron DeSantis poses a greater danger because he is “more coy,” “more strategic,” and isn’t likely to be as “ineffective” as Donald Trump.

Media reporter Joe Concha told Fox News in March that there are two reasons the media is attacking Ron DeSantis as “more dangerous” than Donald Trump.

Concha said the first reason is that the media “has a vested interest” in Trump being the GOP nominee since he is good for ratings and “clicks.”

Concha said that the media believes that Ron DeSantis poses a greater threat to the Democrats in the General Election since he has already proven that he can win over blocs of voters that Donald Trump cannot, namely independent voters, suburban women, and “disenfranchised Democrats.”