Monkey Attack Claims Life Of 10-year-old Child

A child in Western India died after sustaining life-threatening injuries in a brutal monkey attack while playing with his friends.

A report reveals that ten-year-old Dipak Thakor ran into a notorious band of aggressive monkeys while playing with his pals near a temple in India’s western state of Gujarat.

The group of monkeys assaulted Thakor, with one of them allegedly ripping out his intestines and digging claws into the child, as reported by Indian authorities.

After the brutal assault, the youngster was taken to the hospital in short order. Sadly, however, medical professionals were unable to save his life.

Multiple assaults have occurred in Salki in the last week, according to the official. This was the third such attack in the village. A large gang of monkeys were running amok in the town, and the local forestry managers said they had been trying to round them up.

According to an Indian news outlet, some of the beasts had been caught, while others evaded capture.

So far, two of the langurs have been caught, and cages have been put up to catch a third, according to Chaudhary.

A monkey in Madhya Pradesh was apprehended earlier this year after assaulting 20 individuals in a span of two weeks. The reward was a $250 prize.

In 2021, two dangerous monkeys were apprehended in the state of Maharashtra on charges of slaying as many as 250 puppies by placing them on roofs and trees before dropping them.

There are a number of reports that indicate that deadly interactions with monkeys aren’t uncommon in India. Earlier this year, a monkey kidnapped a little boy who was three years old and took him up a cliff. After conducting a search that lasted for many hours, the authorities were successful in locating the boy and bringing him back to his parents in a secure manner.