Mom of Slain TV Presenter Accused Own Son and Wife of Murder

A Mexican soccer player’s mother has made a shocking accusation against him, saying that he planned the death of his sister.

TV host Martha Salcedo, the sister of Carlos Salcedo, was shot and killed on Saturday night in front of her son.

Their mother, María Hernández, on Thursday, alleged in a shocking Instagram post that Carlos and his second wife, Andrea, are attempting to leave the country after carrying out the crime.

Since Carlos divorced his first wife, the family has been at odds. The couple is still at odds about who gets to keep their child.

Following his mother’s accusations, Carlos, 33, appeared to break his silence. In an Instagram Story, he was shown giving two thumbs up, and the caption thanked everyone for their support.

It’s unclear if he was alluding to the baseless accusations or the passing of his sister.

When two guys approached Martha’s SUV while she was strolling with her son Luka Vikonis and her helper, they ordered her to surrender her handbag and keys.

One of the suspects opened fire during the ensuing scuffle, hitting her twice. There were no injuries to her son or the helper.

The family has a long history of turmoil; in 2018, Carlos kept himself at arm’s length from his sister and his father throughout the legal processes surrounding his divorce from Ivanna Sigüenza, his first wife, and the custody dispute involving their daughter.

Because his mother disapproved of Carlos’s connection with Navarro at the time, there was a heated argument in court.

The football player also sued his father, who was also his agent at the time, alleging mismanagement.

After being accused of befriending a teammate at Club Deportivo Guadalajara in order to get gossip while serving as the team’s broadcaster, Carlos cut off communication with his sister.

Following the birth of Martha’s son in 2020, the siblings reconciled.

She and her ex-boyfriend, football goalkeeper Nicolás Vikonis, who plays for Club Celaya, split custody of Luka.

Carlos Salcedo, who competed for Mexico at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, was reportedly seeking a position with an MLS team.