Migrant Sheltering Costs Reach $25M In Denver

Mark down Denver as another liberal city that is struggling mightily trying to deal with the massive surge of illegal migrants who have made their way to the Colorado city.

This week, city officials say the costs have piled up to the tune of $24.8 million, which has gone to cover expenses related to providing shelter for the migrants. That information was sent directly from city officials to Fox News Digital.

Just last month, Axios reported that Denver spent more than $23 million to handle the migrant crisis. Like many other liberal cities, Denver is having to deal with a huge uptick in illegal migrants coming to their region, in large part because they are sanctuary cities.

The Axios report did say, however, that Denver was said to be in a stable situation, with leaders there solidifying a plan for how they would provide sufficient services to all the additional people in the city.

In April, Fox had reported that Denver expected costs related to the migrant crisis to reach $1,000 for every migrant, per week. The city has been under a state of emergency because of the migrant crisis since last December, when the numbers of migrants coming to the city first started to explode.

In early 2023, Denver put limits on sheltering migrants, which includes a maximum 30 days that a migrant is able to remain in a shelter. There are also prohibitions in place on migrants returning to a shelter after the 30 days are up, as well as on them engaging in any “illegal activity.”

There are many other liberal cities across the country that are scrambling to deal with a huge influx of illegal immigrants, thanks in no small part to the Biden administration’s lax border security policies. That being said, not every Democrat-led city facing this crisis is handling it as well as Denver appears to be.

Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, recently warned that the crisis his city is facing could end up costing them $12 billion by 2025 if the federal government doesn’t take any action. He’s also warned that this influx in migrants could “destroy” New York City.

He said recently:

“We are about to experience a financial … tsunami that I don’t think the city has ever experienced. Every service in this city is going to be impacted, from child service to our seniors to housing. Everything will be impacted.”

Chicago city officials announced just last week that they had a deficit of $538 million in their budget. While they outlined several factors for this deficit, they said it included “the cost to care for new migrants arriving to the city.”

NBC Chicago issued a report that said $200 million of that deficit, at least, comes from costs for special projects, which includes caring for migrants.

The common thread among all these places is that they are “sanctuary” cities. That means they forbid local law enforcement or government officials from cooperating with federal immigration enforcement agencies.