Migrant Family Returns Home After Disappointing American Reality

According to recent reports, several migrants who tried to settle in Chicago have given up as they fear spending the upcoming severe Midwestern winter on the streets.

In the past few weeks, at least 40 migrants have departed the city, including a family of three who fled to seek asylum from Venezuela’s brutal rule but have already returned to the country.

Michael Castejon, a father of three who is 39 years old, said, “The American Dream doesn’t exist anymore.” “There’s nothing here for us.”

Castejon said that he undervalued the time it would take to secure refuge and work authorization and that his income from an undocumented construction job was insufficient to cover his $750 monthly rent.

As of Friday, 20,700 migrants had landed in Chicago since Texas Governor Greg Abbott began sending asylum seekers there in August 2022.

The local authorities sent 16 busses at night to aid the estimated 3,000 migrants living on the streets last month trying to stay warm.

A Catholic Charities of Chicago representative reports that they had assisted over 2,000 migrants in moving to other states where they have family or friends.

Jose Nauh, a 22-year-old migrant with family in Houston, said that he came to Chicago because he had heard that he might get free housing, food, and other public services.

Nauh spent almost two weeks sleeping in a Chicago police station before realizing his story wasn’t unique and returned to Texas early this month.

Mayor Adams, in NYC, said that giving people free tickets to leave the city is not an attempt to “mislead” or “hurt” migrants in New York.

Migrants have been routed to the administration’s “reticketing office” while stating a desire to stay in a local shelter, prompting the mayor to respond.

Adams said the objective of the reticketing program is to reduce strain on the city’s congested shelter facilities, which continue to host more than 64,000 migrants and almost as many unhoused New Yorkers.

Adams argued that it would be financially beneficial to provide free transportation to other cities for migrants so that local governments would not have to pay for shelter beds for them.

The mayor, however, denied that this was all part of a larger plan to discourage people from migrating to New York.

It’s clear. Open borders are not sustainable.