Meg Ryan Fires Back After Critics Attack Her Looks

Aging is nothing to worry about, according to Meg Ryan.

Ryan, 62, said in a conversation with Glamour that she wishes someone had told her when she was young.

The actress claimed in an interview that society is too preoccupied with youth. She said she was grateful for her advanced years, and she was quite happy. Getting older isn’t that scary. We’re all engaging in it. She wished someone had told her to calm down and ignore the roadblocks early on.

People have started calling Ryan “unrecognizable” because they wonder whether she’s undergone cosmetic surgery. The actress from “When Harry Met Sally” has said she is unconcerned with the rumors but has not confirmed or denied them.

Entertainment reports show that after eight years away, Ryan announced her comeback to acting, and the remarks quickly turned to conjecture about cosmetic surgery. Ryan and David Duchovny’s “What Happens Later” debuted on November 3.

She said that she would disregard it. Avoid it at all costs. There are a lot more intriguing things to consider, even if it would undoubtedly offend feelings. Being mean and cruel is foolish.
Ryan said she has matured to the point where she no longer cares about making other people happy and instead prioritizes her own happiness.

Celebrity plastic surgeries are one of the continuing fads in Hollywood. Famous people have long been getting plastic surgery, whether it’s a little Botox or a more extensive operation like breast enlargement or a facelift, and they’ve always denied having any of it done.

But that was then. Now, some celebrities are talking (and bragging) about their experiences with cosmetic injectables and plastic surgery, the pros and cons.

Kim Kardashian admitted in an interview with Allure in 2022 about the cosmetic procedure she underwent for her face, claiming she used a little bit of Botox. Her sister, Khloe Kardashian, admits that she got a nose job. The rest of the Kardashian family have admitted to surgeries and/or cosmetic fillers.

Musician Cardi B said in an interview that she had gotten illegal injections into her buttocks in addition to her breast enlargement.