Media Purposely Ignoring Nord Stream Story

In the wake of the explosive Seymour Hersh story, which blamed a combined CIA-US Navy clandestine operation with assistance from Norway, German researchers are now voicing serious questions about the Nord Stream sabotage scenario.

Substack released an article by Hersh last month in which he claimed that the German daily Die Zeit and the New York Times had been handed a cover narrative by the CIA on the bombings of the Nord Stream pipeline.  

The journalist was informed by a source in the American intelligence community that the Germans were fed a complete fiction by US intelligence agencies meant to undermine Hersh’s account.

According to a report, the story that pro-Ukraine supporters did it on their own was the one that gained the most traction. Hersh has said this was all a well-crafted cover-up by the US and the Biden administration.  

According to German sources quoted by Die Zeit, six individuals hired a boat in Poland that belonged to two Ukrainians and used it to carry out the pipeline sabotage bombs. Many Western media sources picked up on the story and produced follow-up pieces bolstering the story.

An in-depth investigation piece published by the Washington Post (WaPo) recently confirms many of Hersh’s findings. The official story is falling apart. In addition, the report from WaPo makes it clear that Western authorities are not particularly willing to discuss the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline.

In one of many examples, WaPo reported that no one or group on the fifty-foot yacht, “Andromeda” could have pulled off the sabotage without the direct support of a government.

Expert divers would have a hard time descending over 200 feet to the seafloor and then carefully ascending back to the surface to let their bodies decompress.

One top European diplomat said not to speak about Nord Stream during meetings with European and NATO politicians. The diplomat echoed many of his colleagues from other nations who indicated they would prefer not to be forced to grapple with the prospect that Ukraine or friends were at fault.

The leaders saw no advantage in discovering an unpalatable answer.