McCarthy Calls For Border Security Amid Sleeper Cell Concerns

While appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” last Sunday, former Speaker Kevin McCarthy discussed the ongoing speaker crisis and suggested that whichever Republican is elected speaker must make US border security a priority, Fox News reported.

McCarthy pointed out that in the last month, Border Patrol apprehended 18 individuals whose names are on the FBI terrorist watch list, bringing the total number of terrorists apprehended at the border this year to more than 160.

McCarthy expressed concern over the possibility that a terror cell could be “sitting inside America today.”

He explained that the terrorist uprisings in the Middle East and Europe have led him to fear that there could be “sleeper cells” in the United States “right now” while the Biden administration does nothing to secure the southern border.

When asked by host Kristen Welker if he would consider running for speaker again, McCarthy said he would help in any way he can to protect the United States, secure the southern border, and stop inflation.

McCarthy said he would work to ensure that Israel has the resources it needs to defend itself and said he would also push the Biden administration on Iran. He explained that to destroy Hamas, the Biden administration must change its policies on Iran.

McCarthy noted that Iran had only $4 billion in the foreign exchange when Biden took office but now, they have $70 billion. He said Iran went from producing only 400,000 barrels of oil a day before Biden took office to now producing 3 million barrels a day.

McCarthy said Biden’s policies have enabled Iran to receive billions to fund terrorist groups around the world and reiterated that Hamas can’t be stopped and the American hostages won’t be returned until the Biden administration confronts Iran.

McCarthy also voiced his opposition to the president’s request for Congress to link aid to Israel with continued aid to Ukraine, explaining that Israel’s aid package must be expedited.