Mass Shooter’s Cousin Issues School Threat

A relative of Salvador Ramos, the shooter who murdered 19 students and 2 instructors at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, has been detained on charges of making threats against the institution.

A report states that the teen’s mother told authorities her son intended to follow in Ramos’ footsteps. The cops were called when his sister reported hearing him threaten their mother.
The mother expressed her worries, explaining that her son is on probation and was under the influence of alcohol when he reportedly made the threats. A primary school is also located close to their house.

According to the complaint, the mother eavesdropped on a phone call in which the teen discussed his plans to purchase an AR-15 from a stranger in an unlawful private transaction.

His sister stated she was driving her brother to school when he told her he would shoot her in the head and a school.

On May 24, 2022, Ramos, then 18 years old, walked into Robb Elementary School after shooting his grandmother earlier that day. Ramos shot his grandmother in the face during a domestic dispute they were having at his grandparents’ Uvalde house.

The armed 18-year-old stormed the school campus, holed himself in a classroom, and killed at least 19 students and 2 instructors.

According to Lt. Chris Olivarez of the Texas DPS, the suspect utilized a long rifle and was clad in armored clothing during the incident. After first stating that Ramos was wearing body armor, officials now admit he wasn’t wearing any.

First responders subsequently killed Ramos. They were later criticized for waiting too long to enter the barricaded classroom and end the threat.

According to authorities, Ramos was an introvert who had never been a part of a gang and had no record of criminal activity.

An employee at the Uvalde Wendy’s told Fox News Digital that the suspect quit two weeks before the incident without providing any further details.