Marxist Elected As State Lawmaker In CO

A prep school teacher who is an avowed Marxist was selected to fill an open seat in the Colorado State House last weekend, the New York Post reported.

Tim Hernandez, who taught at Aurora West Preparatory Academy, was selected by a Democrat committee tasked with filling the seat left vacant after State Rep. Serena Gonzalez-Gutierrez was elected to the Denver City Council.

According to Fox News, while it is unclear if Hernandez was still working for the prep school at the time of his selection, his name did appear on the staff list on the school’s website in May. Since then, the staff list has been removed.

Fox reported that Hernandez previously called for a “FORCEFUL Cultural Revolution” and railed against whiteness.

At a protest organized by unions, Hernandez said students in his classroom competed to see who knew Marx or Lenin better.

He boasted that he does more than teach the theory of communism. He also encourages students to put it into practice by getting out “into the streets.”

Hernandez called for people to practice communism in the workplace and the family. He argued that if they only sit around discussing communist theory, students will still be attending underfunded schools that invest “more in their failure than in their success.”

He declared that communist theory “will not save you” and suggested that only revolution by the people will. He said the revolution won’t be led by the ones who “understand Lenin best” or by “the deepest Marxist.” Instead, the revolution “will happen in the hood.”

Hernandez has also called for white people to undergo re-education and criticized the teaching profession for being 80 percent white.

According to Fox, Hernandez decorated his classroom with a Palestinian flag and other flags promoting leftist causes, including one that claims that the United States belongs to the Aztecs.