Mark Hamill Calls For Twitter Boycott On Aug. 1

X, previously known as Twitter, is targeted for a boycott led by actor Mark Hamill.

Hamill is known for portraying Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise. Hamill said it would only work if nobody used it and observed #TweetlessTuesday on August 1. Complaints over the social media platform’s direction under Elon Musk’s ownership have led to the request for a temporary posting freeze on X.

Hamill is critical of Musk’s significant changes to the site. In addition, he commented negatively on Twitter’s new logo in July by sharing a photo of the X displayed outside the San Francisco headquarters of the firm. 

Let’s show the owner just how influential the people are, Hamill wrote.

Musk has said that Twitter would one day do away with the mascot bluebirds. Linda Yaccarino, CEO of Twitter, has said that X will be a universal platform for everything from social media to financial transactions. 

X’s new CEO Linda Yaccarino predicted that the company would become the “global town square,” so Musk is repositioning it as more than just a social networking platform.

Some observers have been skeptical of Musk’s effort to remake the social media platform. In a recent article, Bill George, an executive fellow at Harvard Business School, attacked Musk, saying that the upgraded version is perfect for anybody who wants to evaluate a case study on a particularly disastrous corporate takeover.

In light of recent updates to the service, Musk has threatened to sue a non-profit that studies social media disinformation, claiming that the group misled about X and other examples of hate speech on the network. 

On Monday, July 20, the Center for Countering Digital Hate made a letter from Musk’s attorneys public. According to the letter, the center has published at least eight articles in the last year, including misleading information regarding the social networking site.

It is unclear what not posting comments for just one day on X would accomplish.