Marjorie Taylor Greene Faces Violation Allegations

The legal team representing President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, demanded on Monday that Congress begin an investigation into Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia, accusing her of making multiple “unethical” statements about him.

Abbe Lowell, who’s serving as one of Biden’s lawyers, sent a recent letter to the Office of Congressional Ethics. In it, she wrote that lawmakers needed to act against Greene for statements she made about Biden. She alleged that those statements violate the House’s Ethics Code.

As Lowell wrote in her letter:

“Representative Greene’s unethical conduct arises from her continuous verbal attacks, defamatory statements, publication of personal photos and data, and promotion of conspiracy theories about and against Robert Hunter Biden. None of these could possibly be deemed to be part of any legitimate legislative activity, as is clear from both the content of her statements and actions, and the forums she uses to spew her often unhinged rhetoric.”

Specifically, Lowell said that Greene made many public statements and social media posts that referenced her client. She said the “unhinged rhetoric” Greene spewed about Biden “sound and tread like school-yard insults rather than the work of a Member of Congress, and they fail to uphold the integrity and dignity expected of members of the House of Representatives.”

For her part, Greene has never been shy in her criticism of President Biden or any members of his family, including Hunter. She’s accused the president’s son very recently of “wheeling and dealing with CCP ties and prostitutes with classified documents laying around.”

While Biden was vice president, Hunter lived a very lavish lifestyle. He made multiple trips overseas between 2008 and 2016, striking very lucrative deals with multiple investors and energy companies located in Ukraine and China.

A hacked laptop that belonged to him also purportedly showed just how corrupt the Biden family has been over the years. It also shed some light on his past drug abuse and a dysfunctional family.

Lowell very directly attacked Greene in her letter to the Office of Congressional Ethics, writing:

“The unmoored verbal abuses and ad hominem attacks against Mr. Biden are just a microcosm of Representative Greene’s numerous ethical violations and repeated lapses in ethical judgment, all of which warrant a review of her conduct.”

Greene doesn’t seem phased at all by the letter. She responded to it on Twitter recently, writing:

“Hunter is upset over my statements. Well Hunter, the entire country is pissed off about your obvious influence peddling with your Daddy’s political power. Come chat with us Republicans on the Oversight Committee. We have a lot of questions.”

Biden is currently being investigated by David Weiss, the U.S. attorney for the District of Delaware, over possible gun and tax crimes. Just last week, a whistleblower from the IRS said that many higher-ups at the Department of Justice – which could even include the attorney general, Merrick Garland – have tried unsuccessfully thus far to kill that investigation.