Manchin Says He’s Still Deciding Whether To Join Race

Sen. Joe Manchin believes time is abundant for a third-party presidential candidacy. The West Virginia Democrat argues that an independent candidate would not assist in reelecting former President Donald Trump.

Manchin gave his first interview since declaring he won’t seek reelection to the Senate.

Manchin (76) announced via video that he felt he had achieved his goal for West Virginia after months of contemplation and numerous talks with his family.

CBS Evening News host Norah O’Donnell questioned Manchin about running for President.

When O’Donnell explicitly asked whether Manchin would run for president, he said it wasn’t about him.

Manchin explained that in order to escape the primary process now underway among the main parties, you would have to run as an independent candidate, which likely ensures a Republican takeover of his seat in 2024.

Last week, Manchin revealed that he will not be running for reelection in his extremely Republican state of West Virginia. He wants to tour the country to gauge support in forming a movement that will mobilize the center.

A report shows that Manchin has been working with the centrist group No Labels for a long time. They are looking toward running a “unity” candidate for president in 2024. The Democratic and Republican National Committees, according to Manchin, have too much sway over the procedures.

He was not asked whether he was interested in running on a ticket with Senate colleague and fellow retiree, Republican Senator Mitt Romney. They became fast friends in the Senate despite being political opposites.

Manchin said his only thought would be how he can improve the nation. How can we make it all work together? We’ll have to wait and see.

Manchin said he is a Democrat but an American first. His nationality is American. He’s an independent, he supposed. What exactly he is, he cannot say. What he believes is he can cooperate with any party.

Although he has said he would not vote for Trump, Manchin has also expressed reservations about Biden.