Man Quits Six-Figure Job In “Right Of Passage”

Cyril Bertheau had a secure career in technology and earned a six-figure salary, both of which were significant accomplishments. The 24-year-old Texan chucked it all. Bertheau left his work and embarked on an incredible and, to many, foolish trip because he claimed he had to embark on a right of passage.

Cyril, the eldest son, explained that in his family, there is a tradition that the oldest son goes on a great, big adventure in each generation.

“I guess it’s my turn now.”

His grandfather walked through the desert. His father traveled the world through backpacking. Bertheau has decided to answer the call by planning a route from Austin to Seattle, Washington, and riding on horseback.

The fearless young man boasted to KXAN-TV that he is an experienced rider and has competed in equestrian events for years, all of which are essential to the success of such a venture.

The passionate rider aims to travel roughly 2,300 miles from Texas to Seattle through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Washington.

Bertheau has stated that he will stay off roads and railroads in favor of hiking routes.

And he aims to do it in 100 days, trekking the country five days a week.

But as of March, he had yet to find a horse to handle the task. Bertheau spent his last month of preparation on a $3,000 monthly budget, while others spent months or years training alongside their favorite horse for challenging endurance rides.

He posted a video to TikTok outlining his requirements for a hiking buddy. Fearless, confident, and at ease.

He settled on Shiok, a stunning black-and-white Tennessee Walking horse that was 13 years old. Shiok had one brown eye and one blue eye.

On April 9, he embarked with well-wishes from his loved ones.

In addition to the general concern for Shiok and the belief that Bertheau is unprepared and dumb, many commentators pointed out that in some images, Bertheau had placed the bit upside-down. Some have called him a “Cosplay Cowboy,” and others have cast doubt on his “experience.”

According to a post from last Thursday, Bertheau is still traveling, meeting interesting people, and buying new jeans because they are all torn to shreds.