Man Assassinated After Uncovering Potential Corruption

Just four days after accusing a company’s lawyer of threatening and harassing him, Adolfo Enríquez Vanderkam, an anti-crime activist, was shot and killed in northern Mexico. His death followed a last meal at a taco joint in the heart of León, Guanajuato state.

Enríquez often shared crime data and other anti-crime social actions with his vast internet following. On August 10, he shared a video of the fatal stabbing of Milagro Montserrat, a lady who was en route to work.

His death happened four days after he made an online accusation that a dentist firm’s lawyer had threatened him with legal action if he reported the “arbitrary and aggressive method” the clinic “charges for services that were never provided.”

After the border cities of Ciudad Juarez and Tijuana, León has Mexico’s third-highest murder rate.

“An activist, wanting a nation with the rule of law,” Enríquez characterized himself on his social media feeds. Just hours before passing away, Enríquez wrote, “Murder No 55 in León so far in November just happened in the Margaritas area.” He had been keeping a straightforward and poignant count of León’s murders for years.

It is dishearteningly regular to see crimes committed against activists in Mexico. In Mexico, six individuals have been murdered since 2021 while searching for family members who vanished without a trace. The northern border state of Tamaulipas was the site of the assassination of blogger María Elizabeth Macías in 2011.

A study from 2022 by the non-governmental organization Global Witness states that out of all the countries in the world, 54 environmental and land defense activists were slain in Mexico in 2021.

Two of the five journalists wounded in Mexico on Tuesday are in critical condition, according to Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Wednesday, Obrador sent his condolences for the unfortunate events, but he did not speculate on what may have prompted the assaults. The abductions of three journalists in Taxco, Guerrero, on November 23 were followed by their subsequent release without any explanation for the kidnapping.