Man Arrested for Selling Drugs to Kids on Social Media

The ease of access to drugs is only one of the many risks that experts are worried about when it comes to social media.

Accused of drug trafficking to pupils, a 20-year-old male was arrested during a sting operation in Nevada.

Authorities in the Clark County School District detained a man on suspicion of engaging in online drug sales to minors, with the transactions reportedly taking place in public places such as parks, playgrounds, and schools.

Court records indicate that Christian Sambrano was arrested in March. Contributing to delinquency and neglect of a juvenile are two of the counts against him.

Authorities say he was apprehended in part because of his social media activities, namely the photos of weapons and money that he posted on Instagram. The actions Sambrano took were characterized in court papers as a “Stash and Dash” by the Clark County School District Police Department.

Sambrano allegedly advertised his scavenger hunts on social media and would have children uncover marijuana or other substances hidden in various locations.

The police linked the following nine sites to the suspected sales:

The West Side Senior High

Rotary Park

Essex Circle Park

Fountain Park Ed

Clark High School

Cashman Middle School

Lorenzi Park

Meadows Mall

The Griffith Primary Institution

North Las Vegas Chief of Police Jacqueline Gravatt emphasized the critical need for community involvement in ensuring the safety of children.

Court records show that after executing a search request on Sambrano’s Instagram profile, investigators found that four current CCSD students were purchasing narcotics from him.

Also, more than 200 rounds of ammunition and three firearms were confiscated from Sambrano by the CCSDPD.

In the lead-up to summer vacation, many law enforcement agencies met last week to address student safety.

CCSDPD officers are part of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department’s gang unit, which is working with other agencies to put an end to this kind of criminal behavior.

Public safety is the city’s first concern, so the local law enforcement agencies work together by sharing information and resources, all for the community’s sake.

LVMPD Deputy Chief Brenden Clarkson said as a parent, he understands the importance of knowing your children’s whereabouts, activities, and social media usage.

On July 15, Sambrano is expected to make his court appearance.