MAGA Nation – Dems REELING Over New Poll!

The state of American politics has changed dramatically in the nearly eight years that have followed the former 45th president Donald Trump’s unlikely upset victory over Hillary Clinton in the contest to become the commander in chief. America has become extremely polarized, tensely divided, and the future appears ominous. Many people state that it is possible that the country is more divided in the present day than it has ever been since the American Civil War. The American middle class continues to struggle as inflation crushes working class families’ potential to support themselves. The cost of basic necessities has skyrocketed, and millions of people are living paycheck to paycheck (it is currently estimated that about 60% of the country is doing so).

Unsurprising, in these tense times, both political parties have become polarized, and the divide between conservatives and progressives has widened in recent years. Even within these parties, political fracturing has occurred. There has been the development of several coalitions of ideologies varying in their extremes in the Democratic and Republican parties of federal politics, with more moderate leftists and conservatives now approaching a minority in both parties. A recent report alleges

that 40% of voters in the Republican party identify as “MAGA” voters in the state of Iowa.

Donald Trump won the Iowa caucus in the midwestern state by a resounding margin. Trump received over 50% of the vote, while second and third place challengers like Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley received only around 20% each. The large bulk of the Republican base remains loyal to Trump, and despite the former president facing four criminal indictments and a slew of related legal charges, his level of power within the party remains strong. It appears that Trump will likely become the party’s nominee for the upcoming 2024 presidential elections unless something incredible happens. Joe Biden, although vulnerable, is the democratic frontrunner in the present; a 2020 rematch is forecasted.