Luxury Suit Maker Offers Veterans a Free New Look

In Addison, Texas, a devoted suitmaker is harnessing his enthusiasm for tailoring to benefit the country’s veterans.

Bob Baumann, the founder of Edward Baumann Clothiers, initiated a program called Suits of Honor. He revealed the straightforward reason behind this endeavor in a recent interview with Breitbart News.

Bob, a firm believer in the divine, said, “The act of giving brings more joy than receiving… I am consistently focused on giving back.” His purpose for the program is to provide veterans with a new custom suit, shirt, and tie 26 times a year, according to the website.

The team at Edward Baumann Clothiers goes beyond mere tailoring. They spend time educating veterans on the significance of dressing well, teaching them how to choose the right attire for different events, how to maintain their clothes, and much more.

Baumann’s ambition is not merely to craft a suit that fits perfectly but to transform lives through the entire process. He described the impact of their work, saying, “We do more than change attire; we change lives. Dressing a man can indeed change his life,” reflecting on his transition from driving 18-wheelers to a more professional environment.

Serving those who have dedicated their lives to the nation brings Baumann immense joy. He elaborated on the program, stating, “What we provide to the veterans is more than just clothing; it’s a full day of learning about proper attire and life’s importance.”

Beyond tailoring, Baumann offers wisdom and genuine concern for the veterans’ future success, whether in their careers or other life paths. He encourages self-belief, stating, “Life depends on your perspective. Believe you can and you will. Meet your own expectations and trust yourself.”

Seeing the transformation as veterans don a custom suit fills him with pride. He observes how it boosts their confidence and acknowledges that veterans make some of the finest employees, urging businesses to support them.

Baumann’s message to veterans struggling in work or life emphasizes personal responsibility, urging them to decide their path.

Despite his own challenges and setbacks, Baumann’s faith keeps him hopeful. He wants veterans and others to recognize that they are not destined to fail. As he sees it, “We are all created to triumph and to be blessed. The choice is ours, and we must actively pursue success or choose not to.”