Liz Cheney Drops Hint She May Enter 2024 Race

In November 2023, Republicans across the country were trounced in meaningful state level election contests despite many experts predicting that the electoral climate would be one that favored the party. In places like New Jersey and Virginia (after the party made significant gains in 2021 in both states at the local level), the GOP was crushed, and Democrats largely took back lost territory.

In truth, Republicans have fared poorly in nearly every election cycle since the real estate business mogul from New York City Donald Trump achieved an upset presidential victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Trumps brand of populist conservative politics and his bombastic personality have soured many key independent, moderate and center-left voters and caused them to move away from considering voting for the Republican party. Despite this, Trump remains the clear cut favorite among the Republican base for the 2024 presidential GOP nomination. Trump currently faces four criminal indictments, a movement by leftist activists in Colorado to remove him from the ballot, and serious pressure and criticism from the media. Despite this, his base remains staunchly loyal. While ordinary conservative voters may remain loyal to Trump, politicians that are part of the Washington D.C. GOP political establishment are not. Indeed, many senior Republicans do not support Trump or his populist brand and have attempted to promote alternate candidates for the nomination. Mitt Romney, a Republican from Utah joked with Democratic senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia about a potential presidential run.

In a recent development, the disgraced Republican politician Liz Cheney appeared on CNN to state that she has not ruled out running for president in 2024. Cheney stated she has not yet endorsed anyone for the presidency, and said she would never support Donald Trump, calling him an “autocrat”. Cheney claimed she would do “whatever it takes” to defeat Donald Trump in 2024, even if it meant running herself in order to do so.