Lawmaker Warns China Could Gain Control of Taiwan ‘Without a Shot Fired’

Republican Rep. Michael McCaul is sounding the alarm on China’s ability to gain control of Taiwan without firing a shot, according to a report by The Epoch Times. His comment comes as aggression continues to escalate in the region with some onlookers worried that China may soon make a move. 

McCaul recounts when China imposed its “national security law” on Hong Kong amid pro-democracy protests that erupted in the city. Officials were authorized to arrest people indiscriminately on charges of national security risks. McCaul called it a “wake up call” for the people of Taiwan. 

Taiwan is reportedly concerned that CCP leader Xi Jinping could use his congress, which answers to him, as a means to declare Taiwan part of China. The United States implicitly recognizes China’s sovereignty over Taiwan after it normalized relations with China in 1979, effectively tiptoeing around the claim that Taiwan is an independent nation. 

The “One China” policy is reportedly prompting the communist country to see visits to Taiwan from high officials in the U.S. as “provocative.” In recent months, Taiwan has seen a visit from former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and now between House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen in California at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.  

China demanded that the U.S. not go through with the visit. Li Xiang, a Chinese embassy representative, warned that they will respond in kind to the move. A day later, China deployed fighter jets in Taiwanese air space and simulated a naval blockade around the island with warships. 

Xi had recently met with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin and they reportedly signed a joint statement acknowledging the “legitimate security concerns of all countries.” Some analysts see the declaration as concerning amid Russia’s war with Ukraine and China’s increasing hostilities over Taiwan.