Lauren Boeberts Fails To Perform Well With Voters

As she runs for reelection but in a different district, Republican Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado has alienated potential supporters.

Boebert has been a member of the House GOP caucus since 2021 and is known for being one of Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters. She represents Colorado’s 3rd District. Boebert said in December that she would be running for the 4th District seat in the state legislature instead, in response to the very close 2022 midterm election, in which she just avoided losing reelection to Democrat Adam Frisch.

Frisch was taking a second bite of the apple in the 3rd District and was polling ahead of Boebert. Significant out-of-state contributions to Frisch were a factor in Boebert’s decision to switch districts.

Regardless, the 4th District voters have also been unfriendly to Boebert, even though her name recognition is much higher than that of her primary rivals. When Boebert was confronted with the term “carpetbagger” (used to describe people who relocate to certain regions only for political benefit), she was either unwilling or unable to define the word.

Boebert came in at number five out of the nine candidates in a straw poll of the debate attendees.

Voters who were once considering casting a ballot for the congresswoman were not so inclined anymore.

Boebert was reportedly ejected from a Denver theater during a performance last year for allegedly indulging in disruptive conduct, which included salaciousness unbecoming of anyone, let alone a congresswoman. Video footage of the event surfaced, showing that she had been rubbing her date in the groin area. She was also vaping, which is not allowed in the movie theater.

After denying any involvement at first, she eventually apologized and said that the stress of her divorce was to blame for her behavior.

It’s always the cover-up and denials that voters distrust most.