Lauren Boebert Opponent Makes Huge Fundraising Strides

Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert barely won re-election during the 2022 midterms. In 2024, she could face off once again against that same formidable Democratic challenger.

Democrat Adam Frisch didn’t lose the 2022 election to Boebert by many votes, and now he’s completely out-fundraising her to epic proportions. Thus far, the Democratic hopeful has already raised three times more money than Boebert has.

Between April and June, Frisch’s campaign reported that they brought in $2.6 million in donations, according to the Colorado Sun. That amount is more than three times as much as the $818,000 that Boebert’s re-election campaign raised during that same time period.

That huge discrepancy in fundraising only adds to the amount that Boeber was already trailing her potential repeat challenger. During the first quarter of 2023, Frisch outraised Boebert $1.7 million to $764,000.

That means that in the first six months of 2023 alone, Frisch has raised $2.718 million more than Boebert has. That would be impressive for any race, but it’s even more so considering that Boebert is an incumbent congresswoman.

During the 2022 midterm elections, Frisch lost to Boebert by only 546 votes, which amounts to less than 1%. Because of that close margin of victory, an automatic recount was triggered per Colorado state election laws. However, Frisch ended up conceding the election to Boebert before the recount was even completed.

It only took Frisch three months to announce that he would be running for the same seat again in 2024, hoping to take down Boebert once and for all this time. He is seen as a moderate candidate who can appeal to some voters from both sides of the aisle.

That’s a much different stance than Boebert, who traditionally polls very well with the very conservative voter base in Colorado – as she’s a close ally of former President Donald Trump. Where Boebert faltered in 2022, though, is with more moderate voters, even some Republicans.

Frisch is hoping that this time around, he’ll be able to convince even more moderate voters to side with him. Recent polling has also indicated that the projected 2024 rematch in Colorado should once again be a close one.

The Frisch campaign has already gone on the attack, criticizing Boebert for “angertainment antics that do nothing to help her constituents.” He’s also argued that Boebert is continuing to lose support among voters in her district in Colorado.

As he said:

“The people of Western and Southern Colorado have had enough, as evidenced by the fact that we raised nearly twice as much from Colorado donors during Q1.”

Boebert has always been considered a firebrand in the House, and she’s done nothing to change that opinion of her. She was one of the more vocal opponents of Kevin McCarthy’s bid to become Speaker of the House, although he eventually won the gavel after multiple rounds of negotiations.

Whether that will engender Boebert to enough voters in this next re-election campaign of hers will soon be seen.