Laura Ingraham’s Future At Fox News Is Uncertain

Last week, rumors abounded that primetime host Laura Ingraham may be on her way out at Fox News. But the rumors were just that, Deadline reported.

The speculation that Ingraham was leaving Fox News erupted after the main headline at the Drudge Report noted that Fox was planning to overhaul its primetime line-up, with “Hannity” moving to 8:00 pm and later slots being taken by Jesse Watters and Greg Gulfeld.

With no mention of Laura Ingraham, the rumor mill began churning with conservatives on social media accusing Fox of firing another popular host while leftists on social media cheered her alleged impending departure.

Meanwhile, Fox News said that it has not made any decisions on its primetime line-up and currently “multiple scenarios” were under consideration.

But Fox News quickly denied that Ingraham was on her way out.

In a statement addressing the rumors of Ingraham’s impending departure, a spokesperson for Fox News said the tweets from “left wing activists” were “wildly inaccurate.” Calling Ingraham “the top-rated woman in cable news,” the spokesperson said she will continue being a “prominent host and integral part of the Fox News lineup.”

What is not clear, however, is whether Ingraham will remain in the 10:00 pm time slot.

After Fox News parted ways with Tucker Carlson last month, the network’s 8:00 pm slot has carried “Fox News Tonight” that featured a series of rotating hosts with the expectation that one of them would be named the permanent host.

Laura Ingraham has hosted Fox’s “The Ingraham Angle” at 10:00 pm since 2017.

While Fox has seen a slight dip in viewership during its primetime since Carlson’s departure, the shows making up its primetime lineup have still generally topped the ratings over Fox’s competitors in total audience.