Kremlin Desperately Tries To Keep Autopsy Secret

Alexei Navalny is a renowned opponent of Putin, and his dead body is allegedly not being released by the Kremlin. His family and detractors believe foul play contributed to 47-year-old Navalny’s sudden death.

The family was notified that Navalny’s remains had not yet been sent to the morgue in Salekhard, which is situated in the Arctic Circle, as initially claimed by authorities. Many people throughout the globe are calling Navalny’s death a murder, and suspicions about it are rising.

Critics have accused Russian officials of covering their tracks in the 47-year-old’s death by dragging their feet and concealing his body.

According to Kira Yarmysh, a spokesperson for Navalny, Alexei’s mother and lawyer had traveled to the Salekhard morgue, but it was locked. The prison claims that it was open and that Navalny’s corpse was inside.

Putin, 71, has a continual adversary in Navalny, a father of two who had been in jail on a 30-year sentence on what supporters of Nalany call trumped-up charges for more than a decade. The Russian media has reported that only two days before he passed, he was transferred to an isolation cell for the 27th time. While under Colonel Vadim Kalinin’s (51) custody, he may have been poisoned or drugged.

The significant opposition movement in Russia has been profoundly affected by Navalny’s death, which occurred just before the country’s forthcoming presidential elections.

In response to many unannounced mourning ceremonies in different Russian cities, the state police cracked down hard. An event honoring the opposition leader resulted in the detention of almost 340 persons. A monument to victims of political persecution, the Solovetsky Stone, was visited by over a thousand individuals who had assembled outside the Moscow headquarters of Russia’s clandestine FSB security services to leave flowers.

Marches of sympathy have been organized in more than fifty Western cities due to the worldwide spread of protests and tributes. David Cameron condemned Russia’s dictatorship as terrible and blasted Vladimir Putin for his possible involvement in the killing of Sergei Navalny. Cameron also said that Putin should face consequences.