Kari Lake Says Republicans Would Rather Die of Thirst Than Drink Bud Light

On Monday, Kari Lake, a conservative commentator, and politician, expressed her view that conservatives are steadfast in their opposition to Bud Light and would rather endure thirst than consume it, as the boycott against the beer continues.

While appearing on Newsmax’s The Balance, Lake conveyed to host Eric Bolling that conservatives would not passively accept the prominence of LGBTQ marketing, which they perceive as pervasive and affecting both themselves and their children.

Lake clarified that her critique was not directed at gay individuals in the country but rather at what she sees as an extensive promotion of transgenderism, particularly in schools, culture, shopping experiences like Target, and advertising. 

She emphasized her desire to take action by advocating for a complete halt to these influences.

Bolling pressed Lake by asking her if customers would return. That’s the question that troubled him. 

CEOs often admit their mistakes, replace key figures like Dylan Mulvaney, or relocate certain products like Tuck underwear from the front to the back of Target, expecting consumers to come back. Should we, as consumers, actually return? Will we? Bolling asked.

Lake responded that she believes many won’t. She claims to personally know people who have completely turned their backs on Bud Light

They would rather endure thirst than take a sip of Bud Light. That’s how serious this issue has become.”

She continued that some individuals may temporarily divert their spending away from Target, thinking, I’ll choose to support a different business for now, but eventually, I’ll go back. 

Lake said that customers would show them how influential we can be by demonstrating our collective power and refusing to spend money with them.

However, she firmly believes that there will be individuals who firmly declare, — No, your company is now on my list of establishments where I refuse to invest my hard-earned money.

In recent months, several companies have faced criticism from conservatives due to their marketing strategies targeting the LGBTQ community, putting them in precarious situations.