Journalist Faces Backlash After Announcing Sexual Identity

Since “Abrosexual” is a novel word for a sexual inclination, the UK news source Metro says it warrants an editorial explanation.

Freelance writer Emma Flint wrote an opinion piece for Metro’s “Platform” section, where she went into depth about how she came out as “abrosexual” in 2020. She said a close friend doubted her orientation.

“Abrosexuality is basically when someone’s sexual identification varies and evolves,” Flint clarified. She made note of the fact that the word was new to her till she turned 30 two years ago.

She explained that she had no idea what abrosexuality was when she was a kid. Straight, homosexual, and lesbian were the only acceptable sexual orientations in 1990s society. According to her, all the rest of the classifications were fabrications. He said it is clear that society’s hidden biases hinder our capacity to understand new words rapidly.

According to Flint, when she brings up the fact that she is abrosexual, people usually seem confused and ask what it means. She notes she didn’t either until about two years ago. She said what is crucial is that you listen politely to the definition.

The word “abrosexual” was first used in 2013 (according to; however, the word is still not widely used.

The term “sexual fluidity” describes a person whose sexual orientation is quite malleable. Another word for sexual flexibility is abrosexual.

One standard definition of pansexuality, according to American educator Zoe Stoller, is an attraction to persons of any gender. Having said that, the phrase “gender blind” does not ring true for everyone.

The phrase is defined as a sexual or romantic attraction to persons of any gender, according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Abosexuality is different from asexuality and pansexuality, and that is something you must know, according to activists.