Jordan Peterson Slams Childless Couples, Calls Out ‘Lies’ 

Selected focus on brown teddy bear sitting on depressed and pensive woman background. Infertility and divorce concept

Major cultural shifts have occurred in the western world over the last several decades. Since the mid-1960’s and the counter culture movement, the way that men and women interact with each other has changed drastically. Since the modern feminist movement began and women entered the workforce on broad scales, the social contract that dominated western society for hundreds of years between the genders has shifted immensely. Indeed, young men and women are disconnected, now more than ever. This is because many young women place more of an emphasis on personal careers and financial goals than they do on the family. Young men are guilty of this bias as well, and additionally many young men are acting in ways that do not promote traditional masculine values (like being the provider and protector). Consumerism has altered society as well, and a generally promiscuous culture fueled by fast fashion and envious social media practices have exacerbated this crisis. Only 45% of young women who are childless in America said they want children in a report by Pew Research center.

While one should be careful not to paint with “too broad a brush”, and there are many reasons for the serious social and cultural problems facing the western world and the United States, declining family values, shifting gender roles and a departure for tradition and faith are definitely a major driving force behind these issues. The birth rate of the U.S. is at a serious low, dropping to an all-time decline point at only about 1.6 children per woman, below replacement level. The west is in major trouble if this trend does not reverse. 

The conservative Canadian Psychologist Jordan Peterson expressed strong sentiments behind the decline in family values and childbearing in a recent discussion. He made a post on Instagram, claiming that those who choose not to have children are generally liars. Peterson wrote on X that children add serious happiness to life.