Jordan Peterson Calls for Boycott of Burger King

Mother nature has not been kind to America as of late. Throughout the turbulent summer, while political issues domestically and internationally remained volatile and uncertain, meteorological and natural disasters slammed several regions of the United States to compound the sufferings of ordinary citizens. In the pacific, the deadliest wildfires in American history occurred in Maui, Hawaii, and widespread and costly devastation occurred. In the southwestern continental U.S., Hurricane Hilary brought about mudslides, power outages, massive flooding and rainfall totals that shattered historic records and annual totals in only a single day in parts of California. On the east coast, the western part of northern Florida, the panhandle, and several neighboring states reeled under the effects of Hurricane Idalia. Now, as the Autumn equinox has passed, and cooler weather sets in for many regions in the nation, American citizens are hoping for calmer, tranquil conditions both meteorologically and politically in the days ahead. Ultimately, things remain turbulent and unstable in every facet.

While the American working class continues to struggle economically under soaring inflation, the social and cultural battle which has taken the form of a “cold” conflict in American politics and transcended into nearly every aspect of ordinary life in the union continues to rage. In a recent development, the renowned Canadian Psychologist Jordan Peterson has called for a boycott of Burger King. Supposedly, the fast food giant pulled its ads from a video platform known as Rumble. A high profile user of the outlet, the British comedian Russel Brand, was accused of rape. YouTube demonetized Brands content, but Rumble has continued to display it.

Burger King did not give a reason for withdrawing its ads from the platform, but Peterson took to “X” (Twitter) to voice his displeasure with their decision. Peterson told individuals to eat “elsewhere”. Brand continues to maintain his innocence; all of the supposed instances occurred between the years 2006 and 2013, over ten years ago.