Johnson Calls On ‘Key Witnesses’ To Testify Against Biden

Since the presidential election of 2016 and the unlikely upset victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, Republicans at both the state and federal levels of American politics have suffered at the polls. Indeed, in almost every subsequent election cycle, the party has underperformed expectations and lost key races in crucial states. In 2018, a blue wave washed over the country and the Republicans lost control of the federal house of representatives by a large margin. In 2020, the slide continued when Republicans lost control of the senate as well and Donald Trump became one of the few incumbent presidents not to win re-election. In 2022, during a cycle in which Republicans had been widely projected to make serious gains in a favorable electoral climate, the party flopped once again, losing yet another seat in the federal senate and only recapturing control of the house of representatives by a very small margin.

This has occurred during a time in which volatility and instability has existed within the domestic and international economic affairs of the nation and the world. President Joe Biden and the Democratic party have continued a trend of reckless government spending established decades ago. Due at least in part to the passage of several exorbitant spending packages early in his presidential term, inflation has crushed ordinary citizens. 60% of citizens are now estimated to be living paycheck to paycheck.

While things continue to worsen, Republicans continue to prove they are unable to govern and offer no attractive alternative or opposition to Democrats and their destructive agenda. During a time in which the party should be delivering concise and clear messaging on ordinary issues that matter to working people, they are fixated on impeachment proceedings against Biden. The new speaker of the house, Mike Johnson has moved forward with an impeachment inquiry against Biden. Political chaos in Washington continues with no regard for the actual situation of ordinary Americans.