Jewish School In Canada Hit By Gunfire

Montreal, known for its multicultural charm, has recently been shaken by disturbing incidents. In less than a week, three Jewish schools in the city have been targeted and shot at under the cloak of darkness. This unsettling string of events appears to mirror the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza, with the tension from the global stage seemingly seeping into the local community.

The most recent incident occurred early Sunday morning at Yeshiva Gedola of Montreal. Although bullets hit the building’s fa├žade, no one was hurt in the ordeal. Residents reported hearing gunshots, and subsequent investigations uncovered bullet shells and impact marks on the school’s exterior, according to CBC News.

Local news outlets reported that two schools in the city had been targeted in what appears to be a disturbing act of violence. On Thursday morning, both institutions were found to have bullet holes puncturing their front entrances.

The schools in question, both located in Montreal’s western region, cater to Jewish students. As of now, it remains uncertain whether these incidents are connected or are merely unfortunate coincidences.

Adding to this climate of tension was a separate incident that took place on Wednesday at Concordia University. A severe clash broke out between individuals who held differing views on the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict.

This confrontation escalated to the point of physical injuries and resulted in at least one arrest, as per a report by CBC News.” Tensions escalated further on Wednesday as a violent confrontation broke out at Concordia University. Participants from both sides of the Israel-Gaza conflict were involved, resulting in injuries and an arrest.

Mayer Feig, a representative from the Council of Hasidic Jews of Quebec, suggested that these shootings were an attempt to intimidate the city’s Jewish community. This comes amid reports from Toronto of a significant surge in hate crimes against both Jewish and Muslim citizens following the initial attack by Hamas on October 7th. The total number of these hate crimes in the past three weeks has already surpassed the total count for the entirety of 2022.

The conflict in the Middle East continues to escalate. Israel reports that the initial attack by Hamas, the Palestinian militant group, resulted in an estimated 1,400 fatalities and over 240 hostages. In response, an Israeli offensive on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip has allegedly led to the loss of more than 10,000 Palestinian lives, as reported by Palestinian health authorities.”