Jeffrey Epstein Secretly Advised JP Morgan Chase

A report reveals a document demonstrates that for many years, notorious billionaire Jeffrey Epstein served as an unofficial personal advisor to James E. Staley, a former senior executive at JPMorgan Chase.

A document prepared by the bank after Epstein’s 2019 arrest on federal sex-trafficking charges reveals that the two men exchanged emails about a wide range of topics. They included the possibility of a meeting between executives of JPMorgan Chase and Chinese state officials, commercial deals that Staley had been working on, the fallout from the 2008 financial crisis, and a potential promotion for Staley, 

The New York Times analyzed the concealed exhibit, which was part of a court file, and found out details about the close personal connection Staley had with Epstein. Staley informed Epstein many times that he missed his company, thanked him for his assistance with his daughter’s graduate school applications, and brought up their common acquaintances. 

Two civil lawsuits were launched against JPMorgan last year, focusing on the bank’s roughly 15-year business connection with Mr. Epstein, and Staley, also known as Jes, plays a pivotal role in both cases. The claims state that JPMorgan ignored allegations that Epstein was involved in the trafficking of minors and that this behavior persisted even after he was ordered to be registered as a sex offender in 2008 for having solicited an underage prostitute.

Staley has denied wrongdoing and claimed ignorance of Epstein’s sexual exploitation of minors while he was a customer of the bank. 

Reports show that an internal inquiry found that following Jeffrey Epstein’s release from prison for sex offenses, ex-Barclays Bank chief Jes Staley was asked to meet with key UK Government officials.

According to the Financial Times, Epstein reportedly extended an invitation to introduce Staley to Peter Mandelson, who served as commerce secretary and de facto deputy prime minister and then-Chancellor Alistair Darling. He reportedly arranged for Staley to also meet with high-ranking Dubai government officials.