JD Vance Says He’s ‘Human’, Will Be Disappointed if Not Trump’s VP 

The 2024 election nears closer, and it is clear that most people want a change. But unfortunately for them, it appears the presidential contest will likely be a rematch of the 2020 election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Many issues have dominated the election; children have been the focus of progressives in public school across the country. Many seek to promote controversial LGBTQ and transgender ideologies to children as young as kindergarten. While Republicans have claimed to be the party of the family, two former candidates for the Republican nomination for the presidency, Nikki Haley and Chris Christie, were silent after the governor of Ohio (also a Republican) vetoed a bill that would have protected children from these ideologies in state schools. Both Christie and Haley were crushed in a primary race against the Republican nominee, the former 45th President Donald Trump. 

The state of Ohio was once thought to be a “purple” state and was counted as a swing state that helped decide the presidency. Over the last several years, though, Donald Trump’s populist and in-your-face brand of Conservative politics has deeply resonated with voters in the state and Republicans have carried the state by comfortable margins the last two election cycles. This has caused Ohio to be viewed less as a “swing” state in recent times and more as one that leans Republican. As the 2024 presidential election approaches, Donald Trump, the GOP nominee, must pick a Vice Presidential running mate. Trump has yet to announce a choice and many rumors have circulated. Often in the modern sense, the Vice President is selected to help bolster a president’s chances of winning in a certain state or to garner support from a particular demographic in the voting base. The Republican Senator from Ohio, J.D. Vance, said he would be disappointed if not chosen as Trumps Vice President- this is unlikely to occur. The election is a dead heat.