Jasmine Crockett Slammed for Charging More for Plus Size Merch

Democrat Texas Representative Jasmine Crockett is increasing the price of her products for her plus-size supporters.

The Texas congresswoman started making money off of her verbal assault on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) a few days after a House Oversight Committee hearing, using the far more prominent Greene to further her own campaign.

According to the website’s payment page, Jasmine Crockett will be the beneficiary of the “gifts.”

To sell products featuring comments she has made, Crockett launched the Crockett Clapback Collection. Only The B6 T-Shirt, with her insult of Greene, is available as of the 23rd of May.

Unless you’re a 2XL or larger, you can get this shirt for only $40. At that level, prices increase to $45.00, even though the website also requests an extra contribution to her campaign. For such a plain t-shirt with the congresswoman’s trademark and a six-word insult, the prices are exorbitant.

Crockett quickly became the target of ridicule when her own name was misspelled on her merchandise, reading “Crockrtt Clapback.”  The fact that the one t-shirt she sells online has Crockett’s insult and her collection’s name on it further confuses matters as it appears that the insult is associated with the T-shirt’s wearer.

Crockett has shown compassion for overweight Americans, even if she charges plus-size admirers more to wear her stuff. Of particular note is Crockett’s assertion that strenuous labor is to blame for obesity.

Crockett has taken an interest in economic policy. As a kind of reparations, she recently proposed that black Americans not pay taxes. But then she said that her plan would fail since black people already don’t pay taxes.  So, she called for a dramatic increase in work permits for foreign nationals, presumably to compensate for the tax money that would have been lost due to her reparations proposal.

All of the credit for Crockett’s items belongs to her, according to a notice on her website. It also said the production and shipment of the items were entirely the responsibility of Jasmine Crockett.