Is Biden Right to Claim Executive Privilege to Block Tapes Access?

The presidential election continues to near ever closer with each passing day. Currently, the sitting president of the United States, the 46th commander in chief Joe Biden appears poised to become the Democratic nominee. Biden is quite unpopular, with many Americans experiencing economic difficulties. Additionally, as major conflicts continue to escalate across the globe, it has become increasingly difficult for Biden and his administration to argue that he has done a good job at keeping the country prosperous and that times today are better than they were before he entered office, replacing his predecessor Donald Trump. In a recent poll conducted by the New York Times, a whopping 47% of Americans responded in the survey by saying they strongly disapprove of Bidens job performance. While polls may be ultimately misleading, this is not a comforting sign for Biden with now less than 6 months remaining until the 2024 general presidential election.

What Biden does have going for him though is the unpopularity of his opponent, the former 45th President Donald Trump. Trump has clinched the GOP general election nomination, and while he has demonstrated a strong ability to motivate his base (recently holding a rally in Wildwood, New Jersey in a “liberal” state where he received the support of a crowd of tens of thousands) he too is looked upon quite unfavorably by many Americans. Trump has been mired in many legal battles, with cases ranging from fraud, election interference, and a hush-money scandal taking the forefront of these litigations.

Biden has also been scrutinized by Republicans in congress for alleged corruption. In a recent report by National Review, Biden has attempted to invoke executive privilege to block the release of tapes from an interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur to congress. Hur released a large report several months ago insinuating that Biden could be cognitively impaired as he enters his 81st year of age and seeks a second term.