Instagram Moms Are ‘Pimping’ For Predators

In contemporary America, it is a sad reality that the majority of Americans possess more knowledge and interest on the state of the private lives of professional athletes, meaningless sports statistics, reality TV stars, celebrities, and other related members of a consumerist entertainment elite than they do of national civics. Indeed, over the last 60 years, American culture have morphed incessantly into a hyper-capitalist, consumer-driven leisure binge. Citizens at large seek pleasure and security and have sought this while exchanging the old traditional values of hard work, independence, and a strong pride and understanding of their cherished civil liberties and historic freedoms. During the COVID-19 pandemic, progressive (and Republican) governors around the nation placed restrictions on individuals which widely violated the first amendment rights of Americans. Places of worship were closed, masks mandated, and in some areas, a guest limit was attempted to be levied by the government on the size of Thanksgiving gatherings in the private residences of citizens.

Perhaps the most alarming statistic emerging from the pandemic is the widespread learning loss that has been experienced by children across the nation. Many studies have found that the longer schools remained physically shuttered and young students were forced to learn “remotely” from a computer screen, the worse the learning loss became.

As the quality of life in America continues to deteriorate, many media outlets (and the citizens that routinely patronize them) continue to ignore the realities of the sad cultural state of affairs in the country and report on nonsensical celebrity developments. Social Media culture has become toxic and even dangerous. In a recent development, mothers and other parents have been using Instagram and other platforms to sell photos, clothing and promote access to themselves and their younger daughters in the name of “fashion and modeling” on the platform. Predators and those who seek to do harm have taken advantage of this reality. Human trafficking is a serious issue.