Hillary Clinton Jokes About Losing 201 Elections at Award Ceremony

The 2024 presidential election approaches ever closer with each passing day. Since the 2016 contest in which the former 45th president of the United States Donald Trump achieved a culture-altering upset victory over the heavily favored Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton the nation has experienced a significant degree of polarization and crisis. Indeed, the climate has become volatile in nearly every regard, with the mainstream media fighting and promoting an exacerbated and emotionally charged agenda which only underscores the significant divisions.  The candidate defeated in the 2016 election; Hillary Clinton recently joked about her loss in a public appearance. According to an article written by Daily Mail United Kingdom, Clinton made a humorous comment at the 2024 Tony Awards about losing the election. Clinton was heavily applauded by the far-left city of New York and the group of people gathered for the awards were undoubtedly quite liberal. The event took place at the Lincoln Center David H. Koch Theater. Clinton was part of the production of the Broadway musical known as Suffs which talks about the suffragist movement that secured women’s right to vote. Clinton made a comment claiming that she was well aware of how hard it is to make a change; this comment is likely directed towards the 2016 contest that she lost.

Clinton implored people to remain focused on the upcoming 2024 presidential election. Trump and Biden are likely headed for a battle similar to that of the calendar year of 2020. Both men are equally disliked, as Biden carries a paltry approval rating well into the mid-30 percentage points while Trump is only approved of by 41% of the population in a recent Newsmax report. The election remains months away and things can change very quickly. It is likely though that the contest will be quite close and there is an increasingly small number of people who remain undecided as the summer season progresses with each day.