Hidden Camera Catches Trump Claim Biden Has Quit Election Race

A secret recording has revealed that Donald Trump believes President Biden had quietly quit the presidential race and handed the reins to Kamala Harris. While speaking on a golf course in New Hampshire, the former President asked fellow players if they thought he won the first debate against Joe Biden in Atlanta and then boasted that he had “kicked that old, broken down pile of cr*p.” He then described Kamala Harris as “so bad” and “so pathetic.” 

Furthermore, Trump complained that President Biden does not have the stamina to deal with world leaders, including China’s Xi Jinping, who Mr. Trump described as a “fierce person.”

A video of the exchange was posted to social media, where large numbers of users agreed with Trump, and several praised him for his confidence and plain speaking. Numerous Twitter users noted that the Republican appears not to change his behavior when he believes nobody is watching, with many stating that he is authentic and assured in his conduct. 

Covert recordings have caused several problems for Donald Trump in the past, including tapes last year in which he appeared to confess to possessing classified documents. The recordings form part of the legal case against Mr. Trump initiated by Special Counsel Jack Smith. 

In the recording, made at his New Hampshire home, Trump is heard stating, “These are the papers,” before adding that they were “highly confidential.” When later questioned, he insisted he was not referring to classified documents but “ a massive amount of papers.” 

Before the 2016 Presidential election, the Republican candidate was likewise caught off guard by a separate undercover recording in which he made remarks about women and commented that many are attracted to wealthy and powerful men. These became known as the “Access Hollywood” tapes and plagued the former President during his first White House run. The tape was barred from evidence in the recent “hush money” case as Judge Juan Merchan ruled it was prejudicial.