Here’s What Trump Told Police During Indictment

Last Tuesday, former President Donald Trump surrendered himself to authorities in Manhattan after being indicted on 34 charges stemming from the hush money paid to Stormy Daniels in 2016, and liberal media site Mediaite took great pleasure in revealing that the former president is overweight and not as tall as he claims.

Before his arraignment in a Manhattan courtroom, the former president was first processed by a booking officer in the courthouse. During processing, a defendant provides certain personal information to the booking officer, including occupation, height, and weight. This information is then recorded on the booking sheet along with other information like the names of arresting officers.

And according to a source who spoke to Mediaite, during his booking, Trump gave his profession as “business person” and told the officer that he weighs around 240 pounds and is 6′-2″ tall.

Mediaite notes that the height Trump gave during booking is one inch shorter than what he ordinarily claims to be.

In 2016, Politico reported that Trump’s driver’s license had his height as 6′-2″ as well.

In his 2018 medical report, the White House doctor listed Trump’s weight as 239 pounds. By 2019, his medical report listed his weight as 243 pounds.

According to Mediaite, anti-Trumpers who call themselves “girthers” claim that Trump lied about being 6′-3″ when he was president to avoid being classified as obese. Mediaite gleefully reminds its readers that while Trump plays golf, he also indulges in a diet of fast food, so 240 pounds at 6′-2″ would definitely put him in the “obese” category.

Mediaite also notes that Trump’s appearance has always been a sore spot for the former president, even when it comes to the size of his hands.

The outlet cites a 2019 incident at a rally when Trump, mistaking a supporter for a protester, insulted the guy for being overweight. Trump told the crowd that the man had a “serious weight problem” and told him to go home and exercise.