Has The “Bermuda Triangle” Shifted?

Ships and aircraft have been reported missing in the Bermuda Triangle, a region over the northwestern section of the Atlantic Ocean. For decades, the occurrence has confounded oceanographers and scientists, with no satisfactory explanation provided by the scientific community. A magnetic black hole, fluctuations in the Gulf Stream, unexpected storms, extraterrestrials, and methane fumes rising from the sea floor are just some of the explanations put forward.

Evidence suggests the Triangle could have moved to the Indian subcontinent, where it would likely be known as the Baroda Triangle. The mysterious disappearances of not just ships and aircraft but also ideas, history, and facts have recently begun to occur on the Indian subcontinent.

Next, tens of thousands of public money disappeared and may have been teleported to the Cayman Islands and Saint Kitts, but no one has seen this money. They also vanished. Electoral bonds, PM CARES funds, and NPAs have lost more money, and no one knows why. The RTI (Right to Information) Act swallowed all their data a few years ago. The ECI (Election Commission of India), another collapsed star, likes to remain in absolute darkness like a dwarf star.

Criminals and mass killers are also vanishing, along with justice, which was already shaky.  650000 hectares of woodland had vanished in five years. Thousands of people disappear from voter rolls, perhaps because they voted against the establishment. And the federal government this week ordered the online site PARIVESH to stop posting environmental implications of significant projects. 

A local news outlet shows that high levels of private sector investment are unlikely to return until the economy grows by at least 6% annually. The current rate of joblessness among young people in India cannot be maintained.

This might cause problems for the administration at the next G20 conference via elections and demonstrations. The next national election is scheduled for 2024. Therefore the BJP administration (The Bharatiya Janata Party) will need to come up with innovative ways to boost the economy and generate employment before then.