Gordon Ramsey Reveals Cycling Accident Injury, Warns Riders

Riding a bicycle can be more dangerous than it looks or sounds. Being a bicyclist means that riders must share roadways with motor vehicles, which are often not good combinations. Each year, around 1,000 bicyclists are killed due to collisions with motor vehicles in the U.S. alone. Aside from colliding with motorists on the roads, falling off a bicycle can lead to severe bodily harm, which is why many cyclists wear helmets and protective gear in case they happen to fall off their bikes. In the recent case of famous chef Gordon Ramsay, he was one of the lucky ones. 

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay recently took a serious fall off his own bicycle, in which the renowned chef stated that he was nearly killed. Ramsey recently took to social media to urge fans to always wear a helmet when bike riding. His message came to fans through a video he uploaded to social media, where the Hell’s Kitchen chef started by explaining that he had an important message to share with fans. In the video, Ramsey explained his known love for bicycling and participating in triathlons, however, that week Ramsey stated that he had a severe bike accident, in which he was “lucky” to still be alive. Ramsey explained to fans that he had been riding his bike when he was involved in an accident. Ramsey stated that the accident landed him in the hospital, and he then went on to thank the doctors, nurses, and trauma surgeons who helped him recover.

Further in the video, Ramsey lifted his shirt to show the massive bruising alongside his entire abdomen that he received from the fall. The video also showed the helmet and clothing Ramsey had been wearing at the time, which was destroyed and torn from the impact. Ramsey stated that the pain was brutal, but could not stress the importance enough of wearing a helmet for protection.