GOP Rep Wants To Move Forward With Biden Impeachment 

More and more Republican members of the House of Representatives are joining the call to impeach President Joe Biden.

The latest to do so is Representative Jim Banks from Indiana, who has already launched a 2024 bid for a seat on the U.S. Senate. Over the weekend, he spoke to Breitbart and talked about the finances of the Biden family. 

Last week, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa made public a document from the FBI that alleged bribery against Biden from when he was serving as vice president.

Speaking to that information, Banks said:

“It’s time to impeach him. The evidence was already there, but this is further evidence that this is the type of high crimes and misdemeanors that should prevent this man from serving any day longer in the White House than what he already has.

“On top of that … this evidence this week proves that they impeached Donald Trump because he was right.”

To that point, Banks doubled down on what some GOP members of the House have suggested recently – that the record of former President Donald Trump’s two impeachments should be expunged.

Some Republicans first started talking about a Biden impeachment a few months ago. Back in May, GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia officially filed impeachment articles against the president. GOP Representative Lauren Boebert from Colorado then sponsored a resolution for impeachment that’s currently sitting in the Homeland Security and Judiciary committees of the House.

In the time since, other GOP members of the House have stepped forward saying they were in favor of impeaching Biden. That includes Matt Rosendale from Montanna, Ralph Norman from South Carolina and Greg Steube from Florida. 

Just the News reported recently that those three representatives support a Biden impeachment based on the investigation that the House Oversight Committee is conducting into the finances of the Biden family. 

Banks spoke directly to that when he said:

“[W]e already knew that [the] Bidens are the most corrupt family ever to live in the White House, and that’s saying a lot after the Clintons lived there. … What we saw more of this week is more proof and more evidence.

“Either you do believe in the rule of law and you do believe that those who are corrupted abuse their power – like Joe Biden and the Biden family – should be held accountable or you don’t.”

The Post Millennial sent a tweet last week that quoted Representative Pat Fallon. It said that the CEO of Burisma gave both Joe Biden and Hunter Biden $5 million, with the CEO saying he has both records and audio recordings to prove it.

“If we get ahold of those, you’re talking about the largest political scandal in American history,” Fallon is quoted as saying in The Post Millennial tweet.

Banks said while he isn’t in GOP leadership and the House and therefore doesn’t have ultimate control of whether impeachment charges are brought against Biden or not, but he did say “count me in the growing column of Republicans in Congress who believe this is so important and absolutely necessary to move forward with impeachment hearings.”