GOP Rep Proposes ‘American Pride Month’

Congressman Wesley Hunt, a Republican representing Texas’ 38th congressional district, introduced legislation calling on the United States to celebrate “American Pride Month” in July.

The resolution comes in response to LGBT pride events held in the US every June, including by agencies across the Biden administration.

American Pride Month would celebrate and boost awareness of the US’ achievements throughout its history, including its victory in the American Revolution, the elimination of slavery, and its victory in two world wars, according to Hunt’s resolution.

The resolution expresses support by the House of Representatives for the creation of American Pride Month.

“American exceptionalism means something to me, and I want it to mean something again,” Hunt said in a statement.

Hunt urges both Republican and Democratic colleagues to back his legislation, the statement added.

American Pride Month would align with the US’ celebration of its Independence Day on July 4. 

If US President Joe Biden and woke corporations can celebrate LGBT pride for a whole month, then they can spend another month celebrating American Pride, Hunt said.

Hunt echoed a warning by former US President Ronald Reagan to remember the nation’s history in order to remember what it represents. However, woke ideology has swapped American pride for tribalism, Hunt said.

Hunt is a freshman congressman from Houston, Texas, who served in the US Army after graduating from West Point. Hunt worked as an Apache Longbow helicopter pilot and deployed to both Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Hunt’s push to celebrate American Pride Month in July comes following LGBT pride events throughout June by the Biden administration, including one hosted at the White House.

The White House issued a statement on LGBT pride ahead of celebrations, highlighting its support for the LGBT community and officially proclaiming the month-long holiday.

In the statement, the administration also called on Congress to pass the so-called Equality Act, which would bolster protections for LGBT people in the US.

It remains to be seen whether Biden will back Hunt’s calls for an American Pride Month with equal enthusiasm.