GOP Rep Faces Death Threats After Voting Against Jim Jordan

Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks of Iowa reported receiving “serious death threats” following her vote against Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio for the position of House speaker, as revealed in a recent statement.

Despite having the endorsement of most of his party, Jordan, a staunch conservative, has been unable to garner the necessary 217 Republican votes in two House votes so far. Interestingly, more Republicans opposed him in the second vote than in the initial one. A third vote is slated for Thursday.

Miller-Meeks, an Iowa Republican from a swing district, initially supported Jordan but later cast her vote for Rep. Kay Granger (TX), the chair of the House Appropriations Committee, the following day.

“Threatening physical harm or stifling diverse viewpoints erodes the chance for unity and respect for free speech. These threats are why I fervently opposed censorship and silencing during the COVID-19 crisis.

I have always stood against intimidation before voting for Chairwoman Granger and while supporting Speaker nominee Jordan. I remain unwavering in my stance against bullying.”

Emphasizing her disdain for intimidation tactics, she stated, “Before casting my votes for Chairwoman Granger and previously for Speaker nominee Jordan, I have always stood against bullies. I remain resolute in that stance.”

After her vote, Miller-Meeks shared that she’s been deluged with menacing phone calls, including multiple threats to her life. She informed me that authorities are now involved, and her team is actively collaborating with them.

The identity of those issuing threats remains unknown.

Jordan responded in a message on X, previously known as Twitter, “We denounce any threats against our peers. We must unite. Such behavior is unacceptable.”

Jordan has found it challenging to gain the trust of moderate Republicans who believe he doesn’t grasp the unique challenges of their constituencies. Others doubt his ability to rally the party under a unified banner.

While those hesitant to support Jordan acknowledge his civility during discussions, they’ve been vocal about the aggressive approach of some of his backers.

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart from Florida, who hasn’t endorsed Jordan, remarked to the media, “If you attempt to pressurize or threaten me, you’ll only push me further away.”